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AI Photos is a curated gallery for artists that create pieces powered by artificial intelligence being built on the Solana ecosystem.

About the project

AI Photos started as a project for testing deep learning algorithms powered by deep learning in the process of generating art pieces in pixel art. The process uses algorithms in both creation and post processing, as well as image editing techniques. This genre is named "AI Creative Coding", because it features AI in the art process (usually the generation of the pre-processed image).

One of the libraries used by this project is Pixray, which is a machine learning library that generates images (in multiple styles!).

Our goal is to continue to deliver artistic content to the world while also helping bootstrap AI creative coding artists. You can check North Star for more info.

Canvas Art


AI Photos features, currently, three amazing pixel art collections created using AI creative coding:

AI World Cities
Depiction of the beautiful cities of the world using AI.

AI Classics
Rereading of classic art pieces from the human imagination.

AI Posters
Depiction of old cult movies using AI.

Holders of those collections gain priority access in WL for new 1-1 pieces (auctions or mintings).

AI Photos Gallery
Art Gallery

North Star

Why North Star and not Roadmap? Because it does not make sense at the current state of the project to make predictions about the great things we want to build in a timely fashion and incur the risk of generating frustration. Remember, we have bigger goals, but we are also bootstrapping these goals because they cost two things: time and money.

AI Photos north star will be focused on four values: holders first; community; ecosystem; and entrepreneurship.

Holders FirstHolders First is the most important value and thus they will always be rewarded with exclusive auctions of art pieces, random airdrops from artists and more.

CommunityCommunity is what get cool people onboard of what we are building... And we want to build a community of AI creative coding artists on Solana.

EcosystemEcosystem means continued support for the whole ecosystem of the project. It includes the entire team, the community, the collections and artists.

EntrepreneurshipThis is about long term goals. We want to pioneer an AI creative coding community on Solana; and because of this, we are going to help bootstrap new artists specialized in the genre as well as to help on education of AI creative coding.

Want to support the project with money, your time or ideas?